Phage detection

Phage detection



Phage detection, when improperly performed, can easily yield false negative results. The choice of the indicator strain is one of the key factors influencing the ability to detect phages. Unfortunatelly, there is no universal bacterial strain that could be used for bacteriophage detection. The reason for this is a common feature of phages known as the host range. Phages will simply not infect some bacterial strains, and sometimes they are only able to grow in a very limited number of closely related bacterial strains. The choice of the indicator strain for phage detection is therefore one of the most important steps strongly influencing the ability to avoid false negative results.


When you send us your samples for bacteriophage detection, you can be sure that they are in good hands. We have access to all neccessary equipment, including transmission electron microscope. Our scientists have extensive experience in phage work. Majority of them completed their PhD in phage biology. For phage detection at Phage Consultants we always use an array of strains optimized for your samples. Such a personalized approach guarantees that we will not miss a phage present in any sample sent to us, regardles of the nature of samples.


We perform bacteriophage detection in all types of samples:


- WCB 

- raw materials 

- finished product

- fermentation samples

- swab samples

- etc. - just name it!


And all of our tests come at competitive pricing and with short timelines.

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