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Phage Consultants

Contamination problems? We solve them.
Phage contaminations threaten fermentation processes based on bacterial activities and pose a serious risk to companies relying on such bioprocesses. We help companies to fight and prevent bacteriophage contamination in bioprocesses – by offering facility audits, consultations, personnel training, advice on bioprocess optimization and SOP improvement, and new facility development, as well as routine and as-required sample testing.

Our team of expert scientists working in state-of-the-art laboratories are ready to solve all your bacteriophage problems. See below what we can do for your company!

Our Offer

Our experience at your disposal

Phage contamination and troubleshooting

See how we can help your company deal with phage problems

Phage production

Phage production and purification to high titers

Phage characterization

Whether a contaminant or a valuable tool, we will characterize any bacteriophage

Cell bank testing

Make sure your cell banks are contaminant-free at competitive prices

Contract research

See what tailored phage research can offer your company


Let us know about your other phage-related needs


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Customer Testimonials

  • Aldevron manufactures plasmid DNA for research, clinical, and commercial applications. It is essential that our processes remain free of bacteriophage contamination. We rely on Marcin and his team at Phage Consultants to prevent such infections. Phage Consultants is by far the world’s most qualified consulting group in this area. Their expertise is unsurpassed and their dedication to customer service is outstanding. They have helped Aldevron with host cell selection, new facility design, and the development of screening methods to test incoming plasmid samples. This allows us to provide a higher level of service and security to our clients. Bacteriophage contamination is a very important issue to the field of biological manufacturing. It is important for life science CMOs to have a partner like Phage Consultants to ensure product and process integrity.
    Michael Chambers
    CEO, Aldevron
  • MetGen can highly recommend Phage Consultants as reliableand highly efficient consultants. The project was performedsmoothly, within agreed budget and resulted in significantimprovement in the way how our pilot fermentation facilityoperates.
    Alex Michine
    CEO, MetGen
  • I had the opportunity to work with Phage Consultants on a project that my company had in Bazancourt, France. The project consisted in the manufacturing of bio-based succinic acid using an E.coli production system. With the help of Phage Consultants, we conduced an audit of the production facility to identify potential issues related to bacteriphage contamination, and from that audit we developed a phage prevention plan. Phage Consultants did a remarkable job and we were able to prevent phage contamination. They are very professional, efficient and most importantly trustworthy. I highly recommend them for any problems related to phage contamination
    Laurent Bernier Ph.D., P.Ag.
    Senior Vice President, Bio Amber
  • Marcin is one of the finest person I have known in some time. His domain expertise is par excellence, his ability to deliver results on time is commendable and more over, he is ever ready to help, always prompt in response and smiling always! Professionally and personally, it was a great experience to work with him.
    RNDr. Vyasa Williams Rajasekar, Ph.D
    Former Head – Biotech Research & Business Development at Fermenta Biotech Limited
  • The team at Phage Consultants have always provided prompt, scientifically reliable data and have always been available when a conversation was necessary. This has allowed us to ensure that we have not had any phage contamination incident since we started working with them. We are therefore happy to recommend their work to anyone.
    Max Rossetto
    Head of Business Development at Luina Bio
  • I have personally worked in 2016 with Marcin Los and his company Phage Consultants in solving phage contamination issue in one of our service provider's facility. His actions and the help provided by company helped our contractor to get rid of recurrent contamination and to restore production according to Marcin's recommendations. Since then, our service provider was able to deliver product of interest in a reliable manner and the problem did not re-occurred. I can recommend co-operation with Marcin and his company Phage Consultants, as they showed to be very effective and professional in solving phage outbreak problem and in providing a long-term prevention solutions.
    Durgaprasad Annavajjula
    Sr. Vice President, Stelis Biopharma

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