Cell bank testing

Phage Consultants helps companies fight and prevent bacteriophage infection.
Cell banks are at the very core of any operation involving microbial fermentations, but might also be a source of devastating phage outbreaks. Phage Consultants offers routine and emergency testing services to ensure no potential phage contamination source goes undetected!

We offer routine and as-required cell bank testing, including:

  • Master Cell Bank (MCB)
  • Working Cell Bank (WCB)
  • Research Cell Bank (RCB)
Whether you want to verify the purity of your existing cell banks or ensure that incoming cell samples from your partners are phage-free, our team of expert scientists is ready to perform the tests for you. We offer both lytic phage and prophage testing on an array of bacterial strains customized for your cell bank, with estimated contaminating phage titers reported and the identity of the problematic phage investigated upon request. We test both common and rare bacterial strains, including strict anaerobes, psychrophiles, and thermophilic bacteria.

Our newest technology and carefully designed protocols allow us to overcome one of the major problems in cell bank testing: the presence of the DE3 prophage causing false positive results in phage and prophage testing. Testing performed by Phage Consultants removes the DE3-related background with high precision and ensures reliable testing of any bacterial strain, with or without the DE3 prophage.

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