Phage production

Phage Consultants helps companies fight and prevent bacteriophage infection.
In this age of growing interest in phage technologies, you might need a reliable source of phage stocks delivered to your order. Phage Consultants offers production and purification at highest standards (and titers!).
Phage technologies have evolved greatly in the recent years and Phage Consultants are meeting the increasing demand for reliable production of high amounts of desired bacteriophages, for example used as biomarkers for bacterial contaminations in fermentation processes. What distinguishes us from other CMOs is our extensive knowledge of the requirements for phage growth to high titers, and the guarantee that the phage we deliver to you will meet your desired specifications exactly. Our expertise allows us to develop and produce bacteriophages with multiple characteristics, including host range, stability, and specific genetic cargo.

We specialise in recreating fermentation processes that were contaminated with bacteriophages at our customers’ facilities – this allows us to produce the exact same phage for further analysis and identification of the contamination source. Once we produce the bacteriophage, we can provide the information on its host range, susceptibility to detergents, etc.

Currently, our phage manufacturing unit operates two New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo biorecators with working capacities of 15 and 100 litres.

We know how to avoid phage cross-contamination, and how to obtain the highest amounts of bacteriophages in a single fermentation. Just imagine how optimization of phage production efficiency by a single order of magnitude influences the cost of production and purification.

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